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Our company, Cultures Across America, Inc. provides:

  • A network of Cultures Across America® directory websites
  • Uniquely themed websites, free to search
  • Free directory listings for entities that match a “culture” or theme
  • Banner advertising space for targeted markets via themes


The vision for Cultures Across America, Inc. through our directory websites, is to be the top source for exploring culture, history, and life in the United States of America.


Our mission is to be the most trusted cultural and reference source promoting life in America through distinctive directory websites.


At Cultures Across America, Inc., we believe that Americans demonstrate patriotism, creativity, ingenuity, innovation, compassion, initiative, and personal responsibility. We seek to promote life in the U.S.A. through the themes of everyday American experiences. Our standard is to be family-friendly at all times.

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In 2002, a former teacher helping Colorado students prepare for international exchange programs by connecting them with local resources, found it challenging to find specific ethnic events and organizations, especially smaller and less advertised ones.

To solve this problem, she launched a directory website, InternationalGateways.com, where the state’s ethnic and international communities and advocates could join and promote their organization and activities.


Following the success of InternationalGateways.com, our company expanded it’s one-state/one-theme project in Colorado into a new, multi-state/multi-theme website in Texas called CulturesAcrossAmerica.com.

Launched in 2014 by our new Texas-based company, Cultures Across America, Inc., our site uses “cultures” as a play-on-words to describe particular themes built around American groups, hobbies, or interests, each with their own specific directory.