What is the Cultures Across America® website network?

The Cultures Across America network is a group of specialized websites owned and developed by Cultures Across America, Inc. Each individual website is structured as a “culture” or theme that reflects life in the U.S.A.

What is the mission of the Cultures Across America directories?

Our mission is to offer an online promotional tool to local American organizations using directory listings and advertising space for area resources, events, campaigns, and more.


How are themes developed?

We create individual Cultures Across America themes by grouping common cultural groups who usually share common interests, unifying language, and shared activities.

How can I join a theme?

You can visit any one of our Cultures Across America themes and then click “Register” at the top of the page. Fill out the required information to create your account and profile.

Can I join more than one theme?

Certainly. We encourage users to join more than one theme that best suits their organization. Each theme automatically creates a targeted audience to promote your listing and to connect to potential customers, donors, and participants.

If I can’t find a “culture” or theme that matches my organization, can I suggest a new theme?

Yes! Email us with your suggestions. We are happy to hear from our site users. Our goal is to add themes visitors and users find most useful.


What services do the Cultures Across America websites offer?

Each themed website offers two online services:

  1. Directory
  2. Banner ads

Who can join the Cultures Across America directories?

American-based businesses, nonprofits, agencies, grassroots groups, or blogs can join one or more of our themed directories that matches their mission, services, products, focus, or membership.

Who can place ads on our websites?

Members in the Directory and those who want to promote a cross/dual theme-focused message.


How do I place an ad?

Email your ad inquiry to us through the specific theme where you want your ad to appear. We will correspond with you via email to establish your ad campaign requirements. Once your ad submission is approved and paid, your ad will be added to our site.

Why do you review all ads?

We review each ad inquiry to promote site consistency.

I want to advertise on a theme, but my organization does not fit that theme.

Users may place ads on themes that are different than their organization’s listing or mission. An organization may place an ad to promote a themed event that matches a particular theme other than their organization. Examples include public venues who host a themed exhibit or a service organization hosting a themed fair, festival, or guest.

What is the cost for ads?

We have 3 ad banner options by size and placement, each on a flat-rate basis. Get more details

How do I pay for my ad(s)?

We accept online payments through PayPal.

How will I know the effectiveness of my ad?

Each of your published ads has a Stats Report on your account page. These reports help you determine the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

Can I get a refund for my ad?

Cultures Across America, Inc will issue refunds for ads if you send us written notice (email) before the ad has started. Once the ad has begun running, refunds will not be issued.


My question isn’t listed. How do I get an answer?

Please email us (info@culturesacrossamerica.com) or call 361-356-1275.